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Strategic Human Resources Planning
  1. HR Communications
    Communication with your employees is vital to your HR function. We provide the most effective ways that you can communicate your organization's objectives and policies.
    We can help management develop and communicate clear, easily understood standards. Through its standards, your organization clarifies the basic expectations it has for employees. Managers have guidelines by which to monitor and manage performance. Chaplain care service is available for individual or family crises and assistance for any company emergency. Bilingual services available.
  2. Training & Development
    Skilled and knowledgeable employees are critical to your organization's competitive position in the industry.
    Today, continuous learning is the job of every person throughout your organization. Making sure that continuous learning is taking place needs to be everyone's goal. In order for you to keep up with constant changes in information, your employees need to be trained on up-to-date information and "just-in-time" on an as-needed basis. We can help you keep up with this "just-in-time" philosophy and at the same time be a mentor for present and future employees.
  3. Recruitment & Retention
    People-related issues is most likely your top priority. Attracting and retaining skilled staff is number one.
    Bringing in the wrong people can become an expensive mistake, given the high cost of training new workers and the increasing likelihood of being sued for discrimination or wrongful discharge in the event that they are fired. Our recruiting process will reflect the core values of your organization and make people feel special. And, we can help you identify the job requirements to place in advertisements and other recruiting efforts.
  4. Performance Management
    Finding and hiring the best employees is just the beginning. Once those employees come on board, you need a performance management system to help them grow and develop on the job.
    In addition to identifying and rewarding your top performers, you need to identify sub-par performers and develop plans to either improve their performance or weed them out. In other words, you need a performance management system. Our purpose is to help you change organizational culture and employee attitudes, change leadership and management behaviors and improve workforce performance. Since people are your greatest competitive asset, then you need to be sure your organization is a place where they can grow and thrive.
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